trip chronicle and birthday musing

The kids and I got back on Saturday night (well, early Sunday morning) from a trip to Michigan. We had a nice trip, although the kids were sick for part of it, and we got to see babies Lola and Ruby–my kids have talked about them incessantly ever since.

On our first day in town, Mary asked Grandma Cal to play Go Fish. Grandma is always up for a round of Go Fish.

Mary was very excited.


Grandma Cal is into it.

A tense moment…

We went down to the pond to explore–we were planning to go fishing the next day, but we got rained out every time we planned it. ha. This photo cracks me up because of Mary’s tick-protection arrangement of pants and socks.

Mary, trying to look like a cool kid (and possibly succeeding):

Wesley waving to the fish:


We checked out the animal tracks.

Wesley pointed out some corn.

They spent a couple of days living on Popsicles, recovering from their malady.

Mary got to ride Turbo (Wesley was still sick, and I was tending to him, so Grandma and Grandpa took her for a ride).

This photo is my favorite:


Mary got a haircut.

…which turned out very cute and makes her look like Tatum O’Neal from “Paper Moon”:

Mary played with bubbles:


And we had a party for Wesley, who turned THREE yesterday! I can’t believe it.


Just before we left town, Linda and Jacob came into town–we got to see them, which was fantastic. On the way home, we stopped and visited Suz. Mary declared her cats, restaurant ice cream, and local park “awesome” (a word that Mary has picked up somewhere). So, despite their illness, it was a good trip!

Soon to follow: Wesley’s birthday picture from yesterday, not yet uploaded.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Definitely a cute haircut.

    Also a cute horse.


  2. Very cute haircut! To bad you didnt have time to visit US! That’s ok, I am used to it….. We are all sick too, so that would have been a bad idea anyway! Looks like they had fun!


  3. Posted by Anonymous on July 3, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    Your photos were just beautiful, Heather…..I know you are sooooo dang busy, but the one with Cal cutting Mary’s hair and Mike, Mary and the horse, I would love to have! If you can send me a jpeg that would be great.
    We LOVED being with all of you…..the kids and I were discussing how much we miss having you around with those beautiful babies!!
    luv u


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