attempt at a catch-up

So, this whole month has gone basically unblogged because we have been so ridiculously busy.

We went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving (see photos at bottom of post!). Then we came back and I got slammed with end-of-the-semester teaching work and dissertation deadlines…and then my grandmother passed away and we drove BACK to Michigan for another 5 days, which necessitated patching together semester’s-end plans for my final exams and whatnot.

Then we came home and there were my dissertation deadlines, waiting not-so-patiently. I have been writing, writing, writing, and therefore not blogging! I mean, it’s been ridiculous–I wrote all day Christmas Eve, even.

I am sending out a chapter today so I’m taking a short break to post a few Thanksgiving pictures. I’ll save the rest–Christmas pictures, as yet un-uploaded, etc.–for later.

How ridiculously cute is this?

card shark!

Ryan and Jill’s newest baby:

An attempt to get a cute Christmas photo:

Mary, having a droopy moment:

Decorating cookies:

That’s a focused Wesley:

finished product!

And here’s a cute bonus picture of Wesley from when we got back home:


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