conversation after Mary’s Christmas party

So yesterday was M’s last day of school until the New Year. Her class had a party.

When I picked her up, we had to go to the bank. There was a line, and she and Wesley were ALL OVER THE PLACE while we were waiting (not characteristic of them).

I tried to distract Mary by asking her about her day.

Me: So you had a party?
Mary: YEAH!
Me: Is that why your nose is red and you have antlers? [They painted her nose like Rudolph.]
Mary: Yeah! And I have a balloon and a jingle bell necklace!
Me: Ah, I see. And did you have a snack?
Mary: [bouncing uncontrollably] YES! We had cupcakes and a cookie and jellybeans and chocolate pretzels!
Me: Aha. When did you have your party?
Mary: During naptime!
Woman in line behind me: [snort]


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