what to get for the savior who has everything?

So, Mary’s homework for today was to choose a gift that she would like to give the baby Jesus, then write a sentence identifying it and draw a picture of it. Our conversation about this went as follows:

Me: So, what would you like to give baby Jesus, if you could give him anything?
Mary: um……nuts.
Me: What?
Mary: Peanuts!
Me: I’m not sure babies eat peanuts, honey.
Mary: Wesley, when you were a baby, did you eat peanuts?
Wesley: No.
Mary: Mama, Wesley doesn’t think baby Jesus would eat peanuts.
Me: So, what else could you pick?
Mary: um….almonds!
Me: You know, I’m not sure that a baby could eat those either.
Mary: Why not?
Me: Because he’s a baby! Babies don’t even really eat food.
Mary: Oh, NO! He wouldn’t have any teeth! I’d better give him Wesley’s car.


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