having a sick kid sucks

Allow me, right here, to knock on wood and say that Wesley is still healthy so far.

Mary is sick, though, and has been home from school almost all week. She is very pathetic. I think that her fever finally went away (without ibuprofen) this afternoon, so I hope she’s turning the corner.

But it has been extremely frustrating and I feel so sorry for her. Also, as Conor said (when she was in bed), “This sucks. She’s so boring.” All she wants to do is laze around and watch movies, which of course is exactly what she SHOULD do since she’s sick. But this afternoon is the first time since…like…Monday that we have seen our sweet, funny, happy Bear.

Her nose is running like crazy but at least she gave me a few smiles.

p.s. I officially give up on the laundry now.


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