synonym city

Wesley is really into synonyms right now. Any time he can come up with more than one word for a situation, he tells you both.

Example: Mary said, “I’m tired, Mama. I want to take a nap.”

Wesley said, “I’m tired, too. I’m tired ALSO.”

I said, “Are you tired as well?”

He said, “Yeah. I’m tired as…as well.”

He cracks me up.

This morning he said, “Are you my mother?” (He’s been reading that book.) I said, “Yes, I am!” and he asked, “Are you my mother? Mama? Ma? Mommy?”

A few minutes ago he said, “I like the pig!” and then paused for a minute and said, “I like the pig. I love the pig. I think the pig is cute. It’s a very nice pig.”

What a nut. Conversations with him  are hilarious. It’s like talking to an alien who ALMOST understands Earth customs.


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