getting up early=annoying

Mary: I’m hungry!
Me: What would you like to eat?
Mary: I’m hungry!
Me: Would you like some yogurt? Or some toast? Carrots?
Mary: I want strawberries and cheese!
Me: Okay–how do you ask?
Mary: [shouting in my ear] PLEASE!
Me: Okay. [I provide strawberries and cheese.]
Mary: I want bread too!
Me: How do you ask?
Me: Okay. [I cut up a roll for her.]
Mary: [lip trembling, eyes welling] TAKE THE BREAD OFF THE TRAY! NO BREAD! NO BREAD!
Me: Okay…although it’s not very nice to yell at me about it. [I remove bread.]

Mary eats strawberries and cheese. Four minutes later, she says: “I need BREAD!”


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