Operation 4th of July: Abort! Abort! Return to base!

So last year we tried to go to see the fireworks but Mary was too scared to watch them–as soon as they began, she wailed until we took her home.

It turns out that she has not yet outgrown this fear–we went to watch the fireworks from a discreet distance, so that it would be quieter, but again she began panicking as soon as they started and we had to come home and watch the fireworks downtown on TV instead. Mary summed up her feelings: “I like to see fireworks but only on pictures or on TV. When I am grown up I think I will like to see them for real. But not right now.”


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  1. Posted by Aunt Bev on July 5, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    Tell Mary I would rather watch them on TV too. I watched the Concert & fireworks from the
    Capitol in Washington on TV – they were to good. Beautiful. Then I watched the Boston Pops
    concert & fireworks – really outstanding. I could see the ones from Schoolcraft over the top
    of the trees- they weren’t as good this year – probably didn’t have the money!!
    Hope Wesley is feeling better – heck of way to spend your birthday.
    Loved the video of dance rehearsal!!
    HAPPY FOURTH to all.
    Love ya


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