Here’s why I like to sew:

Because Mary, who looks adorable in her new skirt, tells everyone, “My mama made this for me!” She then does a little demonstration twirl and then adds, “Because she loves me.”

This is a plain-Jane Redondo skirt, made from fleece; it sounded boring when I started it but it turns out that it’s my favorite of the three Redondos I’ve made for her. I like the solid color, and the heavier fleece fabric gives it better drape than the cottons I used for the others. Lots of twirl capability in this one! And it took about 20 minutes to make, since I didn’t hem the bottom edge. I like that raw look in something that doesn’t ravel.

Link to the pattern (though I got it cheaper–through Sewzanne’s, if memory serves…or maybe Fabric Fairy?)

Modification: Instead of using the waistband piece and elastic, I just made a fleece waistband for this (her waist measurement minus 3″, as my fleece is fairly stretchy). Quick and easy. She has a tiny tiny waist so I do that if possible instead of using a pattern piece.


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