Melissa and the kids and I went to Kalamazoo yesterday–on the drive home, Wesley started wailing inconsolably. We coudn’t tell what he was saying at first, but we figured out eventually that he was complaining about having a booger. Okay, gross. Anyway, I handed him a napkin and the following conversation ensued:

Wesley: I have a BOOGER! [Waaaaaaah!]

Me: Honey, you have a napkin; wipe off your nose.

Wesley: Napkin doesn’t WORK! [throws napkin] Napkin on FLOOR! I….I….YUCKY!

Me: Okay, okay. We’ll pull over.


So we pulled over and his nose was totally clean. He was freaking out–totally panicking–about a completely imaginary booger. WTF.

So I pretended to wipe his nose and then he was fine. What a nut.


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