happy Mother’s Day to me!

Today was Mother’s Day [observed] in our household, as tomorrow is going to be very busy, with Mass, an outing with Grandma, and a visitation for a friend in the evening. It was  a lovely day.

I got up earlyish and got my papers graded, which does not sound exciting, but the fact that they are done is very satisfying.  I have concluded that about 1/3 of my students have turned on CommaHelper 2.0 in MS Word, which inserts a comma after every fifth word regardless of any other considerations, but other than that, they’re doing well.

When everyone else got up, I opened my Mother’s Day presents. I love presents. Mary gave me a watch–the clip-on kind, for my keychain. [Did you know this little-known fact about me?: I can’t wear wristwatches because they die. A jeweler once told me this is true of a small proportion of the population because the electrical impulses in their synapses are slightly different and kill the watch. True? No idea.] Anyway, I have wanted a pocketwatch or clip-style watch for ages, and Mary helped pick out this one for me.

Wesley provided me with chocolate caramels with sea salt from Wockenfuss–definitely the best confections that have ever been created–and Conor gave me an alarm clock: the kind I always wanted! I had one sort of like this years ago, when he was working for Restoration Hardware, but it eventually stopped keeping time, which is presumably what happens when one buys a timepiece from Restoration Hardware because it’s cute. Anyway, isn’t this adorable?

Then we went to rent a movie, did our Costco run, and went out to lunch; when we came back, we all took a nap [heaven–I love weekend family naps, but we’ve missed them several weekends in a row]. And then Conor made coq au vin for supper while the kids and I watched “Singin’ in the Rain” and I calculated grades.  We watched “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” had a yummy fruit dessert with homemade whipped cream, gave the kids baths, and now I’m getting ready for bed after spending the whole day being spoiled.

Anyway, so…happy Mother’s Day to me, and to all of the moms in my reading public. If you’re MY mother or mother-in-law, an extra-special happy Mother’s Day, and sorry your card is still sitting on the counter.


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