Mary can read!

Okay, sort of. But Conor picked up this set a few weeks ago and I can’t say enough about how great it is. There are a few other sets–different colors–and we will be getting those, too.

They are very simple stories–simpler than Dr. Seuss–and the plots (if such a word can be used) are easy to understand (which is, you must admit, something that cannot always be said of the good doctor). The illustrations show exactly what the text describes, so that the pictures are good hints for what the words say. The first one we used (“Pizza”) has about four words per page, and it uses some repetition: “Mouse” is the hero of the story and his name appears on every other page, for example.

While of course these kinds of books lend themselves to memorization, there is definitely some reading going on here, as Mary has been sounding things out in these books. (I credit for helping her practice that.) So she is really starting to get it! I see great things ahead.

Also, Wesley loves it when she reads to him and is learning his letters. So that’s cool, too. He identified a “W” floating in a sea of “M”s in one of Mary’s books the other day–“W for Wesley!” he said.


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  1. Posted by jak325 on May 10, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    We started with those books too. Ella was about 4 or so. The whole series is great and Ella loved the sticker chart too.

    I found that once she learned the kindergarten sight words…she can read just about anything. It’s really great to have a reader!


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