funny learning-to-talk-isms

So Mary has developed a sense of grammar, I guess, because she has started to construct some pretty funny sentences–some of which are totally grammatically right, just idiomatically odd. Such as….

* “Thunder and lightning are happy for me!” [that is, she likes them]

* “You have to pick up me!”  [I find this one interesting because I despise, in most cases, splitting a verb phrase–“pick me up” sounds right to me because it is idiomatic, but “check this book out,” for example, sounds wrong. I guess Mary’s impulse is to keep the verb phrase together at all costs!] Other variants on this: “Wesley is waking up me!” or “You need to let outside me!”

One other comic moment: Conor has been working on teaching Mary to thank the person who prepared a meal–usually with something like, “Thank you for making my tasty sandwich, Mama!” Cute, right? Well, yesterday I made them some risotto for lunch, but I burned it. Not so that it was inedible, but enough that it didn’t taste great. She took a few bites, remembered about manners, and said, oh-so-sweetly, “Thank you for making this not-tasty risotto, Mama!”

ha ha ha.


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