In the garden, these babies have popped up, coming back from last year [they are some kind of greens from a “mixed greens” packet I planted–possibly from the mustard family? They were delicious, whatever they are]:

Gardening time is here!

Yesterday I started seeds–


* Super Sweet 100

* Tomande

* Costoluto Genovese

* Yellow Marble

* Red Currant [in a pot outdoors…we’ll see how that goes]

* Delicious

* Yellow Pear

* Beefsteak

* Heirloom Mix [this is a Burpee packet I’ve had for ages…might come up, might not]

* Pink Brandywine

* Super Sweetie

* Razzleberry

And other things:

* Cucumbers [Alibi]

* Squash [Sunburst and Horn of Plenty]

* Peppers [Serrano and Ancho]

I have basil planted in pots, ready to come up as it warms up.

I also planted peas in my square foot beds–so, the year is begun! I hope the weather stays nice and dries out the garden enough for me to put in cauliflower, broccoli, greens, and onions this weekend.


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