some more snow pictures

Snow is melting…we’re about to get more….and I haven’t posted the last pictures yet! Here are a few more pics from our snow.

Little Mary in the Big Snow.


Mary had to pause to take an important call.

Mary told Conor that she was cooking. From her cookbook.

Hmm. No pictures of Wesley in this post. This is at least partly because he hates snow. Hates it. That’s my boy.

One final pic: I asked Mary to pick ONE recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook to make this week. I put a marker in before the desserts and told her that she should pick something before that–a real food, not a dessert.

She then picked…cinnamon rolls.

They were really good, in an excessive, sweet, gooey kind of way. When they were gone, I found this:

Mary is getting so old! She just notified me (after drawing a “w”) that “w” stands for “wiggle,” “Wesley,” and “water.”


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  1. […] like it. But I do. And it has all kinds of indulgent, wonderful recipes for special occasions. The cinnamon rolls, by the way, are fabulous gifts for […]


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