I love these ages.

Three, and (almost) 19 months–these are great ages for kids. They’re cracking me up daily. Here are a couple of highlights from yesterday:

* The phone rang while I was changing Wesley’s diaper. Mary yelled, “Answer it, answer phone!” I said (well, snapped, perhaps), “I’ll answer it as soon as I can!” and Mary said, in this totally reasonable voice–as though speaking to a mental patient–“It’s okay, Mom. I’m not going to FORCE you.”

* Wesley, who is learning words and sentences by leaps and bounds, held up a book and said, “Book!” I agreed that it was a book and he grinned and said, “Happy book!” I said, “The book makes you happy?” and he said “Make BOOK happy!” and sat down to read it.

* Wesley has also just started agreeing to be under a blanket, ever. We sat down to watch a movie last night and he said “Blanket!” We tucked the blanket that we were using around him and he smiled very sweetly and snuggled up to it. Adorable.

* Mary drew a snail and a bunch of letters yesterday. Semi-recognizable ones. She’s been drawing balloons that actually look like balloons, too.

* Wesley gave me a hug yesterday, complete with a sweet little pat on the arm. I said, “Aww, thank you for the hug!” and he said, “I hug you!” I said, “That’s very nice, buddy. I love you!” and he said, “Lub oo!” Then he looked around, located Mary, trotted over to her, hugged her, and said, “Lub Mary!”

Can it get cuter than that?


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  1. Posted by Suzanne on January 22, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    I remember someone else who used to draw snails…


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