Okay, here’s my reading list for 2010: 10 books, in each of 10 categories, for 2010!

I. Gardening and Preserving
1. The Washington Post Garden Book. Adrian Higgins.
2. An Orchard Invisible: A Natural History of Seeds. Jonathan Silvertown.
3. Herb Grower’s Guide: Cooking, Spicing, and Lore. John Prenis.
4. The Complete Book of Composting. Ed. J.I. Rodale.
5. Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Green Resource for Every Gardener. Fern Marshall Bradley, Barbara Ellis, and Ellen Phillips.
6. The Joy of Pickling: 200 Flavor-Packed Recipes for All Kinds of Produce from Garden or Market. Linda Ziedrich.
7. The Pleasures of Preserving and Pickling. Jeanne Lesem.
8. Vegetable Gardening with Derek Fell. Derek Fell.
9. Lois Burpee’s Gardener’s Companion and Cookbook. Lois Burpee.
10. Growing Herbs from Seed, Cutting, and Root: An Adventure in Small Miracles. Thomas DeBaggio and Jim Wilson.

1. Food Matters. Mark Bittman.
2. Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet. Frances Moore Lappe.
3. The New Laurel’s Kitchen. Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders, and Brian Ruppenthal.
4. Confessions of an Eco-Sinner: Tracking Down the Sources of My Stuff. Fred Pearce.
5. On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen. Harold McGee.
6. Cod: A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World. Mark Kurlansky.
7. The Backyard Homestead. Ed. Carleen Madigan.
8. Salt: A World History. Mark Kurlansky.
9. Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom. Julia Child.
10. The Physiology of Taste: or Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy. Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin; trans. M.F.K. Fisher.

III. French Novels
1. Therese Raquin. Emile Zola.
2. The Count of Monte Cristo. Alexandre Dumas.
3. Gothic Romance. Emmanuel Carrere.
4. Pere Goriot. Honore de Balzac.
5. Three Tales. Gustave Flaubert.
6. Notre-Dame de Paris. Victor Hugo.
7. Monsieur Monde Vanishes. Georges Simenon.
8. Swann’s Way. Marcel Proust.
9.The Bark Tree. Raymond Queneau.
10. We Always Treat Women Too Well. Raymond Queneau.

IV. New (to me) Mystery Authors
1. Death and the Pleasant Voices. Mary Fitt.
2. The Silent Speaker. Rex Stout.
3. The Manchurian Candidate. Richard Condon.
4. Road to Perdition. Max Allan Collins.
5. The Voice of the Corpse. Max Murray.
6. The Taste of Murder. Joanna Cannan.
7. Death Walks in Eastrepps. Francis Beeding.
8. The Red Remaynes. Eden Phillpotts.
9. The Case of the Velvet Claws. Erle Stanley Gardiner.
10. A Void. Georges Perec.

V. Teaching Possibilities/Academic Stuff
1. Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value and How to Take Advantage of It. William Poundstone.
2. Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both. Laura Sessions Stepp.
3. The Awakening. Kate Chopin.
5. Wide Sargasso Sea. Jean Rhys.
6. Oranges. John McPhee.
7. Rhetorical Grammar. Martha Kolln.
8. MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, 3rd Edition. Modern Language Association.
9. From Dissertation to Book. William P. Germano.
10. The Clockwork Muse: A Practical Guide to Writing Theses, Dissertations, and Books. Eviatar Zerubavel.

VI. Gothic Novels (Part Deux)
1. The Fall of the House of Usher. Edgar Allan Poe.
2. The House of the Seven Gables. Nathaniel Hawthorne.
3. The Stepford Wives. Ira Levin.
4. A Long Fatal Love Chase. Louisa May Alcott.
5. The Haunting of Hill House. Shirley Jackson.
6. Melmoth the Wanderer. Charles Maturin.
7. The Robber Bridegroom. Eudora Welty.
8. Other Voices, Other Rooms. Truman Capote.
9. The Italian. Ann Radcliffe.
10. Carmilla. Sheridan le Fanu.

VII. Next 10 Pulitzer Novels
1. Honey in the Horn. Harold L. Davison.
2. The Late George Apley. John Phillips Marquand.
3. The Yearling. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.
4. The Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck.
5. In This Our Life. Ellen Glasgow.
6. Dragon’s Teeth. Upton Sinclair.
7. Journey in the Dark. Martin Flavin.
8. A Bell for Adano. John Adano.
9. All the King’s Men. Robert Penn Warren.
10. Tales of the South Pacific. James Michener.

IX. Psychology/Sociology
1. The Wisdom of Crowds. James Surowiecki.
2. 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot. Richard Wiseman.
3. Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid. Ed. Robert J. Sternberg.
4. The Book of Vice: Very Naughty Things [And How To Do Them]. Peter Sagal.
5. The Psychology of Clothes. J.C. Flugel.
6. Homosexuality and Civilization. Louis Crompton.
7. Brainwash: The Secret History of Mind Control. Dominic Streatfield.
8. Rudeness and Civility: Manners in Nineteenth-Century Urban America. John F. Kasson.
9. Pleasure Wars [The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, Volume 5]. Peter Gay.
10. Bodies and Machines. Mark Seltzer.

X. Recent Prize-Winning Fiction (Pulitzer/Booker/National Book Award)
1. Olive Kitteridge. Elizabeth Strout.
2. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Junot Diaz.
3. Tree of Smoke. Denis Johnson.
4. The Gathering. Anne Enright.
5. March. Geraldine Brooks.
6. The Echo Maker. Richard Powers.
7. The Inheritance of Loss. Kiran Desai.
8. Gilead. Marilynne Robinson.
9. Europe Central. William Vollmann.
10. The Sea. John Banville.


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