New Year’s resolutions: let’s be realistic here.

So, here’s my original list of New Year’s goals:
* finish my dissertation
* play with each kid individually every day
* work out 4-5 days a week
* meal plan every week and plan healthy meals
* clean out the basement

Upon reflection, I think these need a little bit of revision. Here’s what I’m thinking now, on day 5:

* write at least ten words a day [at that rate, I will be finished in a short 150 years or so].
* Prevent kids from climbing out of upstairs windows or coloring one another orange more often than once per week.
* Take the stairs. At home. Where there is no elevator.
* Feed my family at least once a day. At least once a week, this meal should not be goldfish crackers and raisins.
* Learn self-hypnosis so that I can pretend the basement doesn’t exist. [Even when I go down there to do laundry–hypnosis is amazing stuff, I’m told.]


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