one-way ticket to Big-Kid Land

That would be Mary. She is so grown-up these days. It is….astounding. Wonderful. Sad. Funny.

She’s started calling me Mom (as opposed to Mommy). “Thanks, Mom!” “No, I got it, Mom!” “Hey, Mom? Can you come get me a paper towel?” (not a good sign, that last one). No one told her to do this; it’s like she learned it at secret underground Big Kid School.

Anyway, she is very grown-up. Wesley, as well, is heading for adulthood at breakneck speed, which is dismaying and adorable at once. This morning, Wesley figured out what pretending is. That’s right–he figured it out! Mary was crawling around and barking. I said, “Are you a doggie?” He looked at Mary, then looked at me, then shouted, “Is a doggie!” and began petting Mary’s hair. He laughed hysterically every time he petted her and she barked. So. Cute. Seriously, so cute.

Anyway. The actual purpose of this post is PICTURES!

Check it out: they actually sat together, without pushing, crying, pinching, stealing toys, or otherwise creating mayhem!

Granted, they were watching “The Muppet Show,” but still.


Last weekend, we went on a family outing. Linny’s Deli, the park behind our old apartment, Daedalus Books, sushi. What more could we ask for?

Mary, eating potato chips–she was delighted:

Wesley, eating potato chips–he was mistrustful, but he got over it.

Because, you know, he loves food. All kinds of food.

Mary had her first grilled cheese ever. Wesley got a quarter:

By the way, Mom–I told Mary you like to make grilled cheese sandwiches. She expects one when we visit you.

Then we went to the park. Mary hit the ground running.

Gah! Like I said. She’s a big kid.

Nothing scares her now–look at the size of this thing.

Then there’s Wesley: he likes to stay close to the ground. (Actually, that’s not really fair. He is a tentative kid but somehow climbing is usually exempt from his normal Principle of Being Hesitant.)

Since Mary is such a big kid, they can swing together on a swingset with one baby swing and one regular swing!

Or, Conor can swing with Wesley.

Mary pops out of a hole, looking very self-satisfied:

Just to prove I was there, here I am with Wesley. He is snuggling me in this picture and saying, “Oooo hoo hoo,” which is his noise he makes when he cuddles someone or something. It is ridiculously cute.

Conor tried to take a family photo. (Note that we are all sort of in it, if you count his shadow.)


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mom on November 12, 2009 at 4:12 am

    Everyone is so adorable. ‘
    To Mary,
    There will be grilled cheese. Maybe tomato soup to dunk it in:)))))))))))))))))))) If we could find a Roy Rogers t.v. show on it would be just like Saturday at noon when I was a kid.


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