conversation with a waking-up Mary

Mary just got up from her nap. We had the following conversation:

Me: Ready to get up?
M: I was dancing in the bed!
Me: really? You were dancing in your bed?
M: I was!
Me: Is that a silly place to dance?
M: Yes, it WAS!

[Wesley appears from dining room]
M: Wesley needs a new diaper!
Me: He does! I just got him out of his bed.
Mary: Wesley, you need a new diaper!
Wesley: NO!
Mary: Wesley, you NEED one!
Me: Yes, Wesley does need one.
Mary: Wesley’s too young to potty train!
Me: Yes, he’s too little to use the potty.
Wesley: NO!
Mary: Honey, you can’t say no! You need a diaper!
Me: Here, want me to change your diaper?
Wesley: NO!
Mary: You don’t get a choice! You can’t use the potty, so you need a diaper! Here! [thrusts diaper in his direction] I’ll get the wipes!

Apparently she has a firm grasp on reality, though perhaps not tact.


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