some recent photos

I’ve been a little remiss in posting photos–school started the week before last and we’ve been trying to adjust to the new routine. The kids are having to get up earlier two days a week now, which is always takes a bit of time to get used to. Mary is taking a dance class one morning a week now from Conor’s aunt Elaine; I think she’s going to LOVE it but it is at 9:30 (and not nearby). So, we’re busy!

But we have managed to fit in a few things. Mary’s birthday was last week; I cannot believe she is 3. Truly, she is such a big kid now. At the grocery store, she picked out her birthday cake: “Cake or cupcakes?” “Cupcakes!” “Chocolate, strawberry, yellow, or speckled cake?” “Speckled cake!” “Chocolate, strawberry, cream cheese, or vanilla frosting?” “Chocolate!” “Sprinkles or stars?” “Stars!”

Then she helped me bake the cupcakes:

mary cakes


Wesley recommended some other baking–he was hoping for rhubarb.

He’s figured out the walking thing and moved on to prancing.

Grandma M and Anne came over to eat birthday cupcakes and spaghetti with us.

We also had birthday artichokes.

Wesley says, “More noodle!”

Oh, sweet noodle.

Grandma gave her a backpack for her birthday–with goodies in all of the pockets!

Wesley immediately stole the new ball.

Then we had cupcakes (she put on the sprinkles herself):

When she blew out the candle, Wesley went crazy applauding.

Yum. Cupcake.

So that was her birthday. Here is a pic of her wearing the backpack later in the week (she loves her backpack and takes it everywhere):

Or maybe two pics.


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  1. We have the MOST adorable Grandkids!!


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