Finally–the last of the trip photos

It’s taken me a while to get around to posting these photos. It’s not because I don’t care that you’re being deprived of my kids’ ultimate adorableness; it’s because Wesley developed an illness that consisted of him puking copiously all over me at regular, though not frequent, intervals.

Anyway. On to the remaining photos [which are possibly the cutest ones].

We had a blue-and-white stripe apparel festival!

men with overalls:

Mary loves Grandma Cal’s bunny:

Now, the county fair!

Mary in the stroller that Grandma Cal bought for the occasion [this is, incidentally, the perfect stroller–substantial enough to be comfy, light enough to maneuver]:

Wesley and Grandpa Moo, checking things out at the draft horse arena:

Mary had a hot dog:

Wesley and Sue visited Tyler’s lambs, who were washed and jacketed for the show:

Mary watched the beef show [standing next to Grandma Cal]. She quickly figured out and copied the correct livestock-watching stance.

checking out the baby ducks–note the curliness of my hair and Wesley’s.


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