overheard via baby monitor

Mary and Wesley are SHARING A ROOM on this trip! I am so stoked. I would love for them to share at home but this is the first success we’ve had with it. [The secret: both kids are in playpens for sleeping…so Mary can’t wallop Wesley or pile all of her shit into his crib while he’s trying to go to sleep.]

Anyway, they’re loving it and I can hear them playing, giggling, and generally being adorable for an hour every time they go down for a nap or bedtime. Mary got a haircut tonight [so did I–visiting Mom has some requisite benefits!] and I heard her over the monitor, saying, “Wesley! Look at my haircut! Look at Mary’s cute haircut!”

Other things heard over the monitor:

* dead silence from Wesley combined with Mary jabbering for 10 minutes, followed by Mary saying, “Shhh! Mary’s trying to go to sleep, Wesley!”

* “Look, it’s a birdie, Wesley! What does a birdie say?”

* Wesley laughing hysterically, punctuated by Mary saying, “Boo! Boo!” [I’m assuming peek-a-boo.]

* Mary singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the Who song “Who Are You” while Wesley dances around, making his playpen creak.

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