4th of July and update on the refrigerator problem

My handy husband came home and took care of it in about 10 minutes using a borrowed Skil saw. Thanks for the advice–I really had no idea what to do with that.

So, yesterday was the 4th–we went to a movie [Pixar’s “Up,” which I liked a lot]. The kids were pretty good, although Wesley cried when it was really loud, and there was no one else at our showing anyway so it didn’t matter.

Then we went to the fireworks over in the next little town.

We sat around for an hour waiting for them to start. Conor made a paper airplane to entertain Mary. Finally they began the show. The first fireworks went off. I said to Wesley, “Look, honey!”–but his face was already crumpling up and he just SCREAMED. Then I realized that Mary was also wailing. We beat a hasty and ignominious retreat to the car. Maybe next year.


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