help in the garden

I have an assistant this year.

Watering the mixed greens:

From garden helper

She loves watering.

From garden helper

She’s just figured out how to spray the hose. (Good and bad from my perspective, as you might guess.)

From garden helper

She’s a little manic.

From garden helper

Breaking up dirt clods: the job for the garden fork when she’s not using it to scratch her back.

From garden helper

She is game for raking despite the somewhat outsized rake.

From garden helper

Did I mention that she loves to water?

From garden helper

Washing the duck (she is strangely neurotic about a dirty watering can):

From garden helper

This is what Wesley does to help in the garden. (He fell asleep on the way home from the gym today so we decided to stay outside instead of waking him up.)

From garden helper

Bonus pic of Wesley, just because he’s been neglected lately photo-wise:

From garden helper

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