no-complaining Thursday: 2 going on 14?

“Emotionally uncontrolled.” That’s the phrase one of my recent BabyCenter “Your Kid This Week” e-mails used to describe toddlers. Gee, you think? I’m glad BabyCenter is around to let me know that Mary’s going through an emotional phase.

Meltdown city here today–but also, incredibly sweet, cute, hilarious behavior. She’s just a roller coaster. I think she’s in a growth spurt, which means she’s hungry all the time and exhibiting crazy, low-blood-sugar-cranky-butt-syndrome behavior (thanks, Pioneer Woman, for outing that undercover disease). But she’s also learning to play with Wesley in the sense of “sharing a game” instead of in the sense that one might play with, say, a Slinky. Today they were shaking hands every five minutes, because Mary thinks it’s hilarious to shake Wesley’s hand and shout, “Pleased to meet you! Nice to meet you!”

There are not enough bananas in the world to fill her up today.

She is cracking me up because she’s still in the complete parrot phase. Anything you say may reappear, either immediately or weeks later.

Motherhood is being praised by a 2-year-old for peeing in the potty.


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