Happy Easter.

So, we had a nice Easter; we went to Conor’s grandma’s house for dinner (after Mass) and spent the day chasing Mary away from other people’s candy. She ate So.Much.Candy. I thought she’d never sleep, but she also got no nap, so she crashed immediately when she was put in bed.

I think it is time to move Mary to a big-kid bed of some kind. My reasoning:
a) she is showing some potty training interest and will need to be able to get in and out;
b) Wesley is getting so heavy that the pack-n-play flexes when he hops or dances in it, so he needs the crib.

What we’re pondering is something sort of like Garfield’s box. She loves her crib and I think she’d be happier with a closed-in feeling. Now I just have to figure out how to make such an item, as I don’t think putting some pillows into a Costco box is really going to cut it.


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