I love my husband (and Friday rant)

So I have been home dealing with stupid homeownership crap all day and all of yesterday. Right now, Conor is playing with Mary and Wesley in the dining room and I am doing nothing. Well, this. That’s all. It’s awesome and even if it’s three minutes I will SO take it.

I’m totally not sad to see this week over. On Monday we flew home from Texas. That was fine, oddly enough; Mary, who was a MONSTER on the way to El Paso, was fine. But we came home and walked into the house and Conor said, “Why is it so cold in here?” and I said, “Do you smell gas?” and we realized that our boiler had stopped working. We had to open windows and fan out the house in case of a gas problem and then sleep without heat.

So, if you’ve been keeping track–we now have no dishwasher, no dryer, no hot water, and no heat! With any luck we’ll have all back by Monday, but right now my house is Really.Damn.Cold.

Then, to top it off, on the way home from the gym last night, I heard the unmistakable sound of Mary puking all down the front of herself, all over the car seat, all over the car. And she kept it up all night long, so I sat up with her all night. It was awful, and also cold. She is feeling better now but I am so done with this week.


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