I will be a better blogger…

…starting on Tuesday. I promise. We have had a whirlwind trip to El Paso, complete with visiting with David, Nina, and their brood, and I have pictures! I will upload them promptly and share the cuteness. Jack and Molly and Riley are so big I can’t believe it. Jack’s a real kid, not a toddler (he even wears glasses!). Mary and Riley formed some sort of subversive coalition and are plotting to take over the world. Sample meeting:

Riley: Gar! (points at toy car)
Mary: Bo bobo bobobobobo yammer yammer Grandma bobo bo bo.
Riley: [grunt] Gardedededede yummel dee. Swip.
Mary: Cookie!

Both children then knock over a tower of blocks and cheer jubilantly. I believe they were rehearsing a coup d’etat. I’m just not sure which country.


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