A few pictures and a funny thing

Today I said, “Mary, are you hungry?”
She said, “No, Mommy, I’m not hungry! I just want something to eat!”

A few recent pictures…

Last Friday, we had a rough day. Mary and Wesley looked like this:

From Last Import
From Last Import
From Last Import

But things improved. Here is Mary, reading a book to her bear:

From Last Import
From Last Import

Yes, it is one of the classics of lesbian noir literature. Why do you ask?

Here is Wesley drooling on Conor’s head. Wesley doesn’t have any teeth yet, but he certainly has the teething drool.

From Last Import

This is how Wesley holds on when he’s on Conor’s shoulders.

From Last Import

We went to a Natural Baby and Child Fair on Sunday. Afterward, we went to Red Lobster (mmmm….tastes like the Midwest…). We ordered Mary her own meal from the kids’ menu. Usually she just eats from our plates, but she seemed hungry and neither of us felt like ordering french fries (which are her reason for going to restaurants). She totally justified getting her own meal–this is what was left of her popcorn shrimp and french fries:

From Last Import

She ate almost all of the shrimp. It was amazing. (And that was after eating some of the biscuits and bits of salads.) She’s turning into such a grown-up.

Speaking of growing up…here is Wesley, sitting unassisted!

From Last Import

Check out the balancing hands:

From Last Import

They’re both growing so fast that I can hardly believe it.

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