huge Wesley!

Wesley had his 4-month well-baby checkup today and he weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces! I can’t believe that. Mary was nowhere near this big. He’s also 26 inches long. Yikes!

We waited forEVER in the doctor’s office. Why do medical offices seem to think it’s okay to keep people waiting for ages? Our appointment was for 2:00. We left the office at 3:45 and that was after seeing the doctor for all of 2.5 minutes. What a ridiculous outing. And I ended up seeing the doctor we don’t like instead of the PA we love. This is me griping about mismanagement.

By the time we got into the office Mary was a melty mess. She needed a new diaper (which I had left in the car, figuring we wouldn’t be that long for a checkup). Wesley needed a new diaper. I had jammed an extra disposable diaper into the little bag I carry for short outings, so I changed him into it…only to discover that it only had a tab on one side! This is why I hate disposables. (Among other things.) So I had to stand around waiting, trying to placate Mary by holding her and dancing her around, while keeping a hand on Wesley to keep him on the exam table (and to keep his diaper covering the salient parts, as it wouldn’t stay on by itself.)

Unfortunately we’ve tried a few pediatricians and none of them have been better, administratively. I guess I just need to plan ahead further and ask for the first appointment and insist on the PA instead of just “requesting” her.


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  1. Posted by liz on November 3, 2008 at 5:05 am

    i heard from a doctor friend that the reason for the long waits at dr ofcs is b/c they totally overbook… several patients get slotted every 15 minutes. and the reason for that is b/c drs can’t afford their insurance. the rates are so insanely high and the payments they get from patients’ insurance companies for ofc visits is so low that they have to cram in tons of patients to cover their own malpractice insurance. i think generally pediatricians and family physicians are out to help people so i believe this and feel sorry for them.


  2. Posted by GreenePiece on November 3, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    You know, I believe this and understand it…but I can’t accept it from a pediatrician’s office. It’s one thing–though annoying–for me to wait an hour past my appointment time for me. But when your patients are toddlers, it is totally unreasonable to expect them to wait like that. (It makes things horrible for everyone, too, because a tired, cranky toddler is no picnic to treat or to handle. Mary is a nightmare at the doctor’s office.)


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