Wednesday reading: a blog instead of a book

Something I have been reading: a blog by a woman I know online through a message board (a message board for women who sew their children’s cloth diapers….yeah, for real). Her husband died of brain cancer a year ago this week. Her blog is–shattering. Funny. Sad. Honest. She has two small children and she’s sharp about parenting, too.

You can check it out if you are interested:

Note To Self

I am also rereading “Emma” (because, why not?) and I just got in today’s mail a copy of “Parent Effectiveness Training,” by Thomas Gordon. I’ll let you know if I am an effective parent by next Wednesday. I taught poetry today and so have been rereading a number of poems.

Here is one for you.

The Kiss
by Coventry Patmore

‘I saw you take his kiss!’ ”Tis true.’
‘O, modesty!’ ‘ ‘Twas strictly kept:
He thought me asleep; at least I knew
He thought I thought he thought I slept.’


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