reflections while nursing Wesley

I just spent an hour and a half or so cleaning up in the living room and dining room. It looks as though I haven’t even started! You know why? Because of Mrs. Potato Head.

Mrs. Potato Head, and her ilk–all of the toys that have lots of little pieces, like puzzles, shape sorters, and that one book with the blank-faced animals and a million little magnetic facial features to stick on—are ruining my life! I mean, blocks and whatnot are one thing.Those just have to go in a box. Its the matching–this toy/puzzle with these pieces–that’s making me crazy.

At M’s birthday party, everyone brought gifts–and I do TOTALLY APPRECIATE them thinking of Mary, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that lots of them were this sort of thing. Mary loves this stuff. She does. She adores putting in little pieces, or whatever. But I don’t! Outwardly, I smiled, said, “Oh, isn’t that cute.” Inside, it was one long silent scream. EEK! NOT MRS. POTATO HEAD! (Insert horror movie music here.)

So, ruling by fiat, I hereby decree that I will match them ONE time…and then they will go out of reach to be retrieved and used on request, one at a time. Mary will prefer it because she isn’t capable of finding the right parts so she can’t even use them right now. She can enjoy them, and I can enjoy playing with her with them, instead of just being frustrated because the eyes for the camel are in the spice drawer. I feel, philosophically, like her toys should be within reach for her so she can play with them…but to hell with philosophy. I’m sick of finding a 3-D square in my shoe.

Besides, doesn’t anyone else find Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head a little scary sometimes? Like when Conor puts the arm into the nose hole?


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  1. Posted by Nina on September 22, 2008 at 7:21 am

    Oh, man, do I feel your pain on this!!! Sorting and putting them up high is the best way to handle it–the only way, unless you want to spend your life sorting out toy pieces. Jack is way into Legos now, and he has to sit at the kitchen table with them and put them away every night before dinner. It’s frustrating that some of the coolest toys–Legos, puzzles, blocks–are so hard to manage and have to be out of reach. But as long as there’s SOMEthing that they can grab at their level, it’s all good. Speaking of toys with lots of pieces, we recently got Jack the game Connect 4. Riley sat at the kitchen table with it for an hour today, just dropping the checkers in and making them fall out. I counted the checkers before putting the game away, on top of the bookshelf. 🙂


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