that look (and Friday rant)

We went to Babies-R-Us yesterday to buy more stove knob covers (necessary item with a toddler in the house, but not totally sturdy and long-lasting).

There was a couple wandering around holding a baby–no more, I would say, than a week old, max.

They totally had that look that new parents have: a combination of astonishment, awe, PTSD, and exhaustion. Stunned. They were clearly stunned.

It’s amazing that this happens to so many people and is considered normal. It’s intense. Really, really intense.

End of reflection. Beginning of rant.

They were standing by the bottles, trying to pick something, when we walked by. The woman asked me, “Excuse me–what kind of bottles do you use?”

(Fast-forward past the fact that she assumes I DO use bottles, though many people don’t–it was pretty clear that she was not considering breastfeeding, as–well–her chest was absolutely enormous, she was wearing a one-piece dress with no nursing access, and I actually saw her wince when she brushed against a display, so I’m pretty sure she was suffering all of the pain of having lots of milk and not doing anything with it.)

I recommended Dr. Brown’s, which is what we use for Wesley, but told her that every baby is different and they might have to try a few. She said that their little girl didn’t seem to like the ones they had, which were basic “cute” ones with cartoons on them, and that she was only eating about 2 ounces per feeding and leaving the rest. And then she’s hungry again in two hours.

Honestly! Didn’t ANYone at the hospital tell them that’s normal or give them any instruction at all? I am pretty furious at the fact that these people have so little support or childcare information that they were forced to ask a total stranger in a store, who may or may not have mentioned that 2 oz is a LOT for a baby that little. Clearly these people are mainstream to the max–they had that baby in a hospital, I am sure. Would it kill the maternity ward to send a nurse to go over a few basics before they were discharged? They didn’t do that for me when Wesley was born (maybe because he was not our first) but they did when Mary was born. I had been reading books about babies for months, but if I hadn’t, that would have been useful to me. And this couple could have used it!

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