pictures of the party…as promised!

I finally got around to uploading those pictures…so here’s an account of the big bash (and the week leading up to it). My parents arrived on Labor Day, also known as Mary’s second birthday. Mary, Wesley, and I were in the yard playing when they arrived. Mary saw Mom get out of the car and ran to her, yelling, “YAY!” I assume this means she now really remembers and knows them.

Here is a photo of Mom living the good life–babe in one hand, drink in the other:

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I told Mom that Smirnoff Ice is a sorority girl drink, but she says she doesn’t care.

And here’s a close-up, in case you are lacking in cute, squishalicious baby-ness:

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Here is another pic from Mary’s actual birthday (last Monday):

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And here is Wesley on her birthday:

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Later in the week, we broke out the Play-Doh that Melissa gave Mary for her birthday. Mary liked it:

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I don’t have any photos of the actual baptism (I was busy holding Wesley), but I will steal some of my mom’s when she uploads hers. Wesley was really good during the ceremony. He slept the whole time except for during some applause from the congregation (during which he popped his eyes open, stared with evident alarm, and then went back to sleep). Even pouring the water on his head didn’t wake him up. (Father Scott was nice enough not to use icy cold water.)

The baptism itself was nice. It was during 11:30 Mass (the one we always attend) so the people who were there were all of the people we see every week, who have watched my belly expand to frightening proportions and then watched Wesley growing to a ridiculous size for his age. Father Scott gave an interesting and personal homily and then the baptism part of the ceremony was very low-key (aside from the “casting out of Satan” part; that’s not really low-key rhetoric, I guess).


Sandy and Wesley:

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Mary in her new wagon (birthday present of great-grandma McHale):

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Mike and Zak pretending to be badasses:

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Mary with one of her gifts (a copy of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?”, which she loves immoderately):

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Conor with one of Wesley’s gifts–a Jesus action figure from his godfather, Zak:

Photobucket Image Hosting

Sam and Mary with Mary’s new tricycle (from Mike and Sandy–isn’t Mary totally equipped now, with trike and wagon?):

Photobucket Image Hosting

Mary, not blowing out her candles (she’s completely baffled by this whole process and had no idea what to make of the singing):

Photobucket Image Hosting

Father Scott talking to Sammi about stuffed animals (trivia fact: he is 6’8″ tall and I feel extremely short standing next to him–just to clarify, I am 5’4″):

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Wesley and Grandma McHale:

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Grandma, Wesley, and Anne:

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Wesley with his godfather, Zak:

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For those of you curious about such things, this is the cake I made for Mary’s party. I make this a lot because it is by far the best white cake I’ve ever tasted, and it is also easy to make and it looks impressive. I got the recipe from the back of the Softasilk Cake Flour box.

Raspberry-Laced Vanilla Cake

This time, though, instead of the frosting it calls for, I made cream cheese frosting–1 8-oz block cream cheese, 1/2 stick butter, powdered sugar until it was the right thickness for spreading, and a few really generous dollops of strawberry jam. It was really good; sort of like cheesecake. It makes the cake extra delicious and I highly recommend this recipe for any toddler’s birthday. (Mary, you understand, would still be awake now if I had made a chocolate cake.)


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  1. Posted by nina on September 11, 2008 at 4:38 am

    Dang, I almost cried, looking at these! 😦 I wish we’d been there. I didn’t even recognize Sam. Wesley and Riley–obvious coloring issues aside–look a lot alike! And Mary is beautiful! Exclamation points! Lots and lot of exclamation points!


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