Friday rant: parking

So I forgot to get my parking pass for this year until pretty late (I was distracted by a needy baby, etc.). I am parking in lot 6. Do you know where lot 6 is? Neither did I. Because it’s HARDLY ON CAMPUS. It’s wayyyyy over by the basketball stadium. It’s a 40-minute walk from there to my office or classrooms! That means that I have an 80-minute round-trip walk from there to class and back (although once our houseguests have departed, Conor will be picking me up, so I’ll only have to go one way).

I will be so much more fit by the end of the semester. Against my will. But I guess it’s good for me since I am in worse shape than I’ve ever been in (the result of a c-section and enforced inactivity for 6-8 weeks).


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