domestic triumph

From this:



to this:

and this:


and finally, this:

Time: about 2 hours
Irritating-task level: High
Reward level: Super high

This sauce was seriously good. The tomatoes came out of the garden and into the pot more or less immediately, which might be why, but Conor declared it better than any restaurant sauce he’d ever had. And it really was.

In case you want to try it–start with a LOT of tomatoes. They cook down a lot, plus you remove skins, seeds, and juice before cooking. My recipe called for 2.5 cups of tomatoes but I used 5 cups and it was none too much in my opinion.

Tomato Sauce (conglomeration of recipes from “Joy of Cooking,” “Italian Classics,” and “How to Cook Everything”):

3 strips bacon (I used turkey bacon and it was fine)
half an onion (or 1 small onion), diced
1 pound ground beef
5 cups peeled, seeded, juiced tomatoes, cut into smallish pieces
lots of minced basil–around 1/2 cup

Cut the bacon into small pieces. Cook the bacon and onion in a saucepan until the bacon is cooked. Add ground beef and brown. Add the tomatoes and simmer until you get bored and they’re starting to be a sauce instead of a bunch of pieces. Add basil. Simmer for longer until you’re really, really bored. If you need more liquid (I did), add a cup of beef broth.



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