It is 8:20 a.m….

…and Wesley has been awake since 6:40 and high-maintenance. I want to go back to sleep! Why is it that babies want to eat/party/cry when I want to sleep and then spend the whole day being asleep and boring?

In case you’re wondering, no, he is not yet sleeping through the night. (Duh. Why do people ask that about 3-week-old babies?) I am hoping for a breakthrough soon, though. Mary slept though at 6 weeks; maybe Wesley will take after her. So far though he wants to eat a lot more than she did. I used to have to wake her up to eat. Not Wesley. If he could go through life with milk continuously being piped into his mouth, he would.

David and Nina sent us a box with a bunch of boy clothes (so cute!) and presents for the kids. The presents included a pair of stuffed animals from Australia (where David went recently)–a platypus and a kangaroo. Mary was interested in the platypus until she saw the kangaroo, which is her new love. I made it hop for her and said, “Hop hop hop.” Now she says this all the time, except that she doesn’t enunciate so it sounds like “pah pah pah.” So cute. She’s also developed an obsession with watching the video of a kangaroo hopping that David took in Australia. Over and over and over.


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