Mary’s latest learning

So, I’ve been so busy being pregnant and cranky that I don’t think I’ve filled anyone in on Mary’s most recent developmental milestones. She will be 22 months old on the 1st, in case you’re keeping track of these things, and here are some of her most recent acquisitions (chiefly verbal).

New words: “baby” (encouraging sign, that); “Sophie” (the giraffe toy); “cow” (she used to just moo); “book” (which was an early word that seemed to disappear for a while); “sauce” (applesauce); “pants on!”; “sock”; “night-night”; “lulu,” which I think means “love you”–she says it at bedtime; “spoon”; “cheese please” (which is more like “chee plea,” but whatever); “milk”; “knee,” “thumb,” and “foot”; and, not new but more popular these days, “I KNOW!” (as in, “Mary, are you thirsty?” “I KNOW!”).

“Knee” is her favorite and she likes to say it. She points to random knees–sometimes on strangers–and identifies them.

When asked, “Where’s your chest?”, she does a dynamite Tarzan imitation and pounds on it.

She’s getting pretty good at taking bites of a sandwich. Also getting pretty good at handing things to me or throwing them away–you know, “Hey, Mary, hand me the Dustbuster, would you?”–or taking turns talking on her toy phone, including saying, “It’s for you!” or “It’s for me!” (maybe “it’s for Mary”–can’t really tell which it is).

Best of all, she is sleeping GREAT, which is fantastic. She goes to bed really well, just like she used to. She gets tired, has her bedtime milk, and then runs upstairs, turns on her own fan, and waits to be changed and put in the crib. Usually she tells me “Night-night” and then says, “Lulu,” which, if it DOESN’T mean “love you,” is a little baffling. She’s been sleeping something like 11-12 hours at night, plus either one or two decent naps. I am incredibly grateful for this, especially since there is now officially NO ROOM in our bed for her. My belly is huge. I don’t even feel like it’s part of me–it’s like it lies NEXT to me. So this sleeping is fabulous. Also, it’s very cute that she’s really figured out how to blow kisses and usually blows kisses to Conor all the way up the stairs to bed, while saying, “Night-night” and “bye!”

She is mildly obsessed with the back-scratcher that Conor got for his birthday and goes into a sort of trance if you scratch her back with it. Luckily, she also likes to scratch others. I take this as evidence that she is descended from Conor’s side of the family. My guess is that when Mike and Sandy visit, she and Mike will spend the whole time scratching one another, sort of like monkeys.


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