Melissa’s visit

My sister came to visit for the weekend (well, Thursday night through Sunday morning). Mary was fascinated, although she wasn’t too sure at first who Melissa was. She figured it out eventually, though, mostly because Melissa shared her french fries (at just about every meal, since we didn’t eat at our house at all–whirlwind tour of Washington-area restaurants, apparently).

On Thursday, Mary and I picked up Conor at work and the three of us went up to BWI to pick up Melissa. She sat in the back seat with Mary, who was extremely befuddled by the proceedings. We went to Rocky Run to eat. At first Mary was a little–just a little–unsure of the situation:

Melissa offered her straw wrappers and french fries, thereby winning over Mary:

Mary ate many french fries:

Eventually the french fry overload made Mary have to dance with joy:

So then on Friday we went downtown and saw a few sights–the Portrait Gallery, the White House–and went to lunch (thereby obtaining more french fries). We were tired (especially because I was a) enormously pregnant and b) carrying Mary, and Melissa was carrying Mary’s huge diaper bag most of the time. So we went to the movies and saw “Iron Man,” which is pretty good. We met up with Conor for dinner at the Brickskeller. Mary was extremely bad and threw many things on the floor. She even threw her sippy cup at the people at the next table. She missed, luckily. I assume this is because she was tired, not because she is inherently antisocial, but I am not sure. Afterward we drove around the city so that Melissa could see a few things lit up by night, including the FDR memorial, where we stopped to walk around with 16,000 high school students on a school trip.

On Saturday we went to Great Falls for a picnic. (I love picnics. There’s something about eating outside on a blanket that makes it awesome. I don’t like to eat outside in a chair.) Conor and Mary explored the area:

Then we walked through the park, which was PACKED. The falls looked nice because of all of the rain we’ve gotten. The authorities warn you very candidly about the dangers of the river:

Welcoming, eh?

Melissa and Mary and I posed on some rocks:

Compare against last year (I think this was May 2007):

Anyway, Melissa and Mary and I had our picture taken for our mom, who pestered me via e-mail to get group photos:

We observed some picturesque views:

Melissa took some cute family photos for us (all of us, including Miss Crabby):

Mary rode in the carrier for a long time this weekend–a real test of my sewing. Not bad! She seemed happy and it was way more comfortable for me than her sling and certainly more comfy than a Snugli. I recommend the Mei Tai for babies too heavy to sling comfortably. (Observe, if you will, the enormously pregnant belly underneath Mary.)

After the park, we drove over to the Alexandria waterfront and visited the Torpedo Factory (a cool art gallery/studio where artists can rent space to work and sell their art right out of the studio–you can watch them do their thing and shop if you’re wealthy). Here is what Mary’s weekend point of view looked like:

Melissa and I had tickets for a play, so we went back to Grandma’s house, watched the Preakness, and then did a lightning-fast clothing change at home before leaving for the show. We saw “A View from the Bridge,” which was pretty good. Conor dropped us off and then picked us up afterward (super-nice husband points for that one, especially after our weekend of walking and schlepping Mary/Mary’s stuff). We drove over to Georgetown’s waterfront and walked around for a while, marveling at the wealthy people drinking cheap beer in their boats. Eventually we went to Dupont Circle to eat at the cafe attached to Kramerbooks, where–again–Mary was spectacularly bad and toddler-esque. To be fair it was after midnight, I guess.

On Sunday, Mary and I drove Melissa to the airport. I got a speeding ticket (first ever-and I am definitely going to court to contest it. $%^%& Virginia). Then I drove back to the theatre, met Conor in the parking lot, handed over the baby, and went to see “Death of a Salesman” in its final performance for the run.

I am tired.

Notice that I managed to take only pictures that don’t show my house. For all you people know, it’s spotless.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on May 21, 2008 at 1:23 am

    I can vouch for that. Completely spotless. Sparkling, one might say.


  2. Posted by liz on May 21, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    jesus have mercy!!! i was complaining the other day about carrying around a bag w/ a bunch of files in it. you are basically carrying around 2 human beings! (depending on how you define human being i suppose… insert hilarious abortion joke)


  3. Posted by Nina on May 22, 2008 at 3:54 am

    Love the group picture of the three girls! You guys are so freakin’ cute.


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