clingy baby

So my sister is coming into town tonight to visit for the weekend. I was planning to spend the day cleaning my house (which is a complete hole–you have absolutely no idea).

Instead, Mary went into super-cling mode (you know those static stickers you use on windows? like that). I have gotten almost nothing done, although I have received many many kisses and snuggles. She wants to be held.




She is recovering from being sick. She had two days of feverish sleepiness, along with the cold that all of us have had. Then she had a couple of days of feeling somewhat better. Then, Sunday night, she broke out in spots (not kidding! pink, perfectly round spots all over her face and arms!). I panicked, assuming she had chicken pox (exactly what you want when she’s about to be visited by aunt Lissa). But the spots started to fade somewhat. So I took her to the pediatrician and the doctor said that it was a “viral exanthem” (there’s a vocab word for your day), which is a rash that follows a virus. It’s basically some wacky sort of immune system response, common in young children. So, no problem, especially as it doesn’t itch. But anyway she’s had a rough week. So, as I type, she is sitting in my lap, patting my arm and saying, “Mmmm…mmmm…” (her “snuggling” noise). This is very sweet but it is not getting my house clean. Anyway I have the bathrooms clean, the kitchen semi-clean, and the guest bed ready. Other than that it’s going to be luck of the draw.

Melissa: when you read this, it would be a good time to post a comment about how great my house looks. Just lie.


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  1. Posted by Michelle on May 16, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    Muahaha!! You’ll never find me!! (

    Mary sounds a lot like Allen, only he’s 33, and male. But still… clingy stickers that I have to yell at and tell him to leave me alone? Correct! Of course, then he looks at me with the puppy dog face and I feel horrible. *sigh* Any easier with a baby??

    I do have access to good cheese…. except it’s all the same KIND of cheese. Parmigianno-Reggiano, or Pecorino, or Gorganzola. That’s pretty much it. Cheddar you say? What is this? Nope, can’t get it here. Even when I’m adventurous and want to make my own Mexican food, it can’t be done. Sad, sad day. I’ll be back in the US on June 27th, and have requested to eat Mexican ASAP! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Posted by Nina on May 22, 2008 at 3:52 am

    Molly had the viral exanthem thing once, and I, too immediately concluded “eek, chicken pox!” We were up in the mountains at my parents, and this prompted my second visit to their cute little hospital’s emergency room. (The first was during the worst migraine I ever had–when the kids and I were out here at first without David and things were, uh, stressful to say the least. I seriously thought I was having a stroke and that I was going to die.)

    But, when I took 14-month-old Molly in, they reassured me that she didn’t have chicken pox, and this was the first time that I’d really heard that chicken pox was pretty much taken care of since the mid-90s because of vaccines. (Keep in mind that Jack wasn’t the model experience when it came to vaccines since he stopped receiving them at 5 months.) No, she won’t get chicken pox, they reassured me. And then, at her 2-year check-up, she got the chicken pox vaccine. And promptly got chicken pox. A light case of it, at least, but really! ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Exanthem” sounds like something that expatriots would sing in a bar in Paris.


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