garden update

So, Mary and I planted our garden while we were on blog hiatus! We put in a pair of square foot beds for tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. The rest of the plot has corn, bush beans, peas and snow peas, zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan squash, and some flowers. I’m hoping to get some onion sets for scallions but I haven’t found any yet. I hope they take off, since we employed the “lazy person” planting method–till the plot, drop the seeds, then rake it a little to cover them.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I’ll add garden pictures as things start to grow!

Mary looks for something to plunder or destroy:

Extremely helpful soil moving process:

Cute Mary:

Wandering off to find something to play with:

Trying to get the sunscreen off the table:

Mary’s favorite toy of the day:

More serious help:


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