crib, where is thy sting?….oh.

So, Mary–the world champion sleeping baby, who started sleeping all night at 6 weeks and has always been good at going to bed on her own with very minimal encouragement–decided last Friday that her crib was EVIL. Terrifying. Completely unacceptable.

We didn’t really know what to make of it, but she’s been sleeping with us since then.

On Saturday, I killed a wasp in her room. She wasn’t in there at the time so I didn’t think too much about it, until on Sunday I found a spot on the bottom of her foot that looked like a wasp sting, and though, “Oh. Well, that does explain a lot.”

It doesn’t tell us what to do to get her to sleep in there again, but since we’re going to be spending the weekend looking around the outside of the house for the nest and trying to spray the wasps anyway, we figure she should stay with us until the spray has time to dissipate and whatever.

So, co-sleeping it is.

The good things about this:
* Mary is not a cuddly baby and never has been. She does not like to be held or snuggled. But sleeping with us has definitely given us WAY more snuggling and cuddling with her than we’ve ever gotten. This afternoon I took a nap with her (because let’s face it, if you put a 7-months-pregnant woman in a bed with a book for two or three hours, the inevitable will happen), and woke up to find her cuddling up to me, offering me her cheek for kissing, and saying, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”

* When I leave for teaching, Mary and Conor are still sleeping (well, okay, usually Conor is awake because I’ve gotten up, and sometimes Mary, too…but they’re still in bed and getting ready to go back to sleep for a couple of hours). They are ridiculously cute.

The bad things about this:
Everything else.

* Mary is a horrible bed-sharer. She takes up WAY more space than you would think, chiefly due to habits like turning ninety degrees and shoving one parent with her feet and the other with her head until both adults are clinging, barnacle-like, to the edges of the bed.

* It takes hours–and I am neither joking nor exaggerating–to get her to sleep at night. She always takes a while to go to sleep in her crib, but since she’s happy, we don’t worry about it. Well, she takes even longer in our bed and it is really annoying, since it involves such middle-of-the-night rituals as stomping our heads, bouncing on my belly with all of her weight (NOT charming), and flinging anything she can find (like bedding, or her books) at us or onto the floor. “Irritating” does not even begin to describe it.

* She screams if Conor and I should brush hands accidentally, never mind any affectionate marital hand-holding. I’m told this is normal evolutionary sibling-prevention behavior, but she doesn’t seem to see that she missed the boat on that one anyway.

* I am huge right now. I need my half of the bed!

Anyway, I’m hoping this stage is brief and trying to enjoy the fact that it is leading to more snuggly Mary time. She is really cute. Just really annoying at 2 a.m.

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