knitting in secret–revealed!

I knitted a birthday present for my mother. The problem with knitting gifts for people who are also blog readers is, of course, that you can’t blog about it! But she now has the scarf and I can finally show it off.

Here is the pattern I used, which I totally recommend for you knitters–it’s very flexible, works with pretty much any heavy-ish yarn, and doesn’t require buttonholes!

For knitters in the audience (and I know at least two of my seven readers knit!), I used huge needles (size 15) and Lion Wool-Ease yarn in the “grass” color. It takes toggle buttons; regular buttons don’t work (I tried, because I had some that I really liked). Unfortunately the toggle button selection is not so inspiring, at least at Hancock’s, but I liked the ones I found with the green. Very earthy.

Here is a modeling pic (of me, I mean–I’ll let you know if I get any modeling pictures from its owner!):

I’m not sure why I’m so totally blindingly pale in this picture. Anyway, as you can see, the buttoning takes some practice in order to get the properly rakish angle, but it’s very easy to wear and less bulky than a normal scarf. I also like that it’s buttoned and can’t fall off. I made a dark-pink one for myself to test the pattern before making a gift. It’s not totally my color (it was the yarn I had on hand) but I think it will be cute with my gray peacoat for next winter! The green, which Mary and I selected for my mom, is much cuter, in my opinion, but then I always think that (when have I ever preferred pink over green?).


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