reunited–and it feels so good…

By popular request: photos of the Fold-a-Copter!

The Fold-a-Copter is one of Conor’s toys from his childhood. It has been in the possession of the Denver contingent of the family. When David visited recently for work, he brought it out to us. Apparently, Jack didn’t really want to part with it until David said that it was for Wesley (I’m told that Jack has declared Wesley HIS cousin, and Mary, Molly’s cousin–must be gender solidarity).

In the meantime, Mary is using it, and Conor is delighted to have it back in his life. Here it is.

Ho-hum…I’m just a silly-looking van….

…until I explode into a HELICOPTER!

Crazy, hey? Travels on land or by air! Just like a James Bond vehicle. Except…you know…not.

Conor and David speculate that this may be the only Fold-a-Copter in existence, as no one has ever seen another and it is a bizarre toy. It also has a strange European flag on the back (which I forgot to photograph) of some country or other. Mary loves it. Partly because Conor has infinite patience for folding it back up for her to explode into the helicopter.


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  1. Posted by Justin on February 23, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    It’s not the only one, but it may be the only one with the landing struts still attached. One of my nieces was playing with my 30+ year old Fold-a-copter earlier today.

    The sticker looks like a Scottish flag.


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