wanted: time

Okay, so I am going to be totally busting my ass on the dissertation for the next few weeks.

Any suggestions for how to create some time to do it?

It’s not that I don’t have any time. I do. I’m only in the classroom 3 mornings a week. But I have Mary with me the rest of the time and that really limits my writing. She naps usually twice and I work straight through at least one of those naps (the other nap–well, sometimes *I* need a nap and it’s non-negotiable).

Unfortunately, while she’s a really good kid, she gets stressed out–understandably enough–when I spend the day working. Sometimes I can multi-task and play with her while I’m writing, but I don’t get much done that way. So I try to break the day into smaller pieces. You know, play in the yard with Mary for half an hour, go inside and give her a snack and work for half an hour. But I really need to have some bigger blocks.

Conor can’t take up the slack; he’s supporting us so he’s not here.

I’m thinking about getting up early and working before school/before Conor leaves for work. But I don’t know whether that will help or whether I will just then collapse during her nap and sleep. Conor suggested working after she goes to bed, which is a possibility too. I’m not sure what would work the best but I don’t want Mary to melt down completely during the final phase of the dissertation, you know? Nor do I want to plunk her in front of the TV to watch movies. And I can’t afford a nanny.


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  1. Posted by liz on March 27, 2008 at 2:35 am

    ummm… tranquilizers?


  2. Posted by Your Helpful Husband on March 27, 2008 at 5:52 am

    Simple plan:
    1) Call your advisor on cordless phone.
    2) Block all buttons except “Talk” and “Redial.”
    3) Give handset to child.
    4) Write uninterrupted until phone battery dies.
    Don’t worry; I’m sure he won’t answer her calls either.


  3. Posted by Nina on March 28, 2008 at 6:33 am

    I can get a LOT done after the kids go to bed at night, especially writing and web stuff, and especially when David’s working nights. (I sleep horribly when he works nights anyway.) I think that I might simply be a nocturnal researcher, though, because when I worked on my research articles and my dissertation in Wales before children, much of it was written between 2-4 in the morning. I’d collapse at 4:30 am on a Monday, go to my regular appointment with my advisor at 8, and then come home and sleep away the rest of the morning. Other days, I’d just sleep in. I’d go to the library or the computer lab in the afternoon, hang out with my roommates for dinner, maybe even go out for a pint, and then lock myself in my room and get to work. I didn’t even have a computer–that’s a weird thought.

    I think I’d feel stressed out if I tried to get up early and work in the morning. You’d always be listening for the first rustlings of Mary waking up and furiously trying to finish a paragraph while she’s begging you for Cheerios. Once she’s in bed, she’d hopefully be out for the night, and you can relax and get into the mood to write. And if you do stay up til 4:30, nap with her during the day. I was going to recommend a glass of wine to relax, but, uh, not being in the presence of your magnificent belly, I forgot the obvious reason why you wouldn’t do that. However, I will openly admit that I had an occasional *small* glass with Riley–the OB said it was okay, and it did help me relax.


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