A couple of conversations I have had this week:

Mary: More? Moooooore?
Me: More what? What do you need?
Mary: MORE!!!!
Me: More….? Do you want some milk? Some rice? Want some banana?
Mary: Mooooore! [stretches arms up]
Me: Do you want to come sit with me?
Mary: More mamamamama!

(Very cute, that one.)

Me: Mary, are you my sweet MaryBear?
Mary: Noooooooo!
Me: Are you sure?
Mary: Nooooooo!
Me: I think you are.
Mary: Woof woof.

Me: Here, Mary–do you want the cap for that marker?
Mary: Sure! [Doesn’t take it]
Me: Well, here, you take it.
Mary: No.
Me: I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
Mary: Woof woof.

As you can see, this is her answer to everything.


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  1. Posted by nmchale on March 24, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    Okay, godmother, you may want to intervene on behalf of your goddaughter’s soul.

    Me: Let’s go, Molly, we have to put on your dress for church.

    Molly: Yeah, we’re going to churge!

    Me: Chur-CHA.

    Molly: Chur-JUH. (Pauses.) Mommy, is there grass or sand at churge?


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