strange days

The last couple of days have been a bit odd. Thursday, I had a little bit of spotting (too much information, I realize, but you know, how do I tell the rest of the story without it?–this is your chance to bail down to the bottom where I shift to something else if you can’t handle hearing about cervixes). So I called the OB’s office and they said to come in the next day.

So I drove to Alexandria and was examined by the midwife. She was new. She told me that she wasn’t happy with how “open” my cervix was and sent me to the hospital.

Okay, so at that point I was a little freaked out. I felt totally fine and everything else seemed fine (even the spotting had stopped). The baby was moving around fine. But I went to the hospital and they admitted me to the labor and delivery unit, took my blood pressure and put the baby on a heart-rate monitor…and then left.

I waited.

And waited.

I knitted the rest of a pair of shorties for Wesley.

I waited.

They brought me some water and a limp, sad turkey sandwich, for which I was ridiculously grateful (I hadn’t eaten a real breakfast and it was 2:00 by then).

I watched a couple of really horrible baby shows on TLC.

I cursed myself for leaving the house without a book.

I waited.

Finally the midwife from my practice who was on call at the hospital that day came in and examined me. She said, “You’re fine. Everything looks great. I guess the other midwife–who is quite new–doesn’t realize that a multiparous cervix feels different from a first-time mom.” [Multiparous=having already had a baby.] “I wouldn’t have sent you over here at all but better safe than sorry, right?”

To which I say, well, yes. At the same time, why not ask the OB who was also at the office to confirm your concern before sending me to the hospital? And is it fair, I ask you, that in addition to all of the visible parts that sag more after pregnancy, even the CERVIX is sad and droopy?


So I left the hospital to drive home. The road I take was closed because of an accident and I was rerouted onto a different highway–but it was no big deal, since that highway would eventually take me more or less where I wanted to go, albeit not so directly.

Then I saw a horrible traffic jam ahead…too late to bail out anywhere. The highway (three lanes) was down to one lane up ahead. I sat in traffic for AGES. The drive, which–with no traffic–is about 20-25 minutes, was two hours door to door.

But then I got home and saw Mary and Conor (Mary was happy to see me–it was the longest day she every has spent without me, I think!) and we went out to dinner with Grandma and Conor’s aunt Kathleen at a nice restaurant in Waldorf. The food was delicious and the restaurant was fun with a piano player (tipped by Mary, I believe). And then we came home and rented “The Darjeeling Limited,” which I went to see at the theater with Mary but Conor had not yet seen. (In case you’re seeking a review: it is amusing enough and it is worth seeing but there is not much story–definitely not Wes Anderson’s best, but better than “The Royal Tennenbaums.”)

Mary slept in nicely (I took her some milk at 8:30 and she went back to sleep for three hours). Conor got up at 11:30 to get her out of her crib, discovered that she had soaked through her diaper, and stripped her off to give her a bath.

Then he saw something on her belly. “What is that on your belly?” he asked her. “It looks creepy.”

I looked at it. It did look creepy but it was hard to see. I put on my glasses.

It was a TICK. A tick! On Mary’s belly! The horror is hard to describe. We weren’t sure what to do so (of course) Conor looked it up on the internet and they said to “carefully” remove it by pulling with a pair of tweezers, as close to the skin as possible (riiiiiight……ever tried that with a one-and-a-half-year-old subject?). So Conor held her down while I tried to pull it out. I succeeded mostly although there is still a fleck there, which the internet tells me will shed itself. (EW.)

We then washed her obsessively and now we’re paranoid that she’s going to get Lyme disease. I guess she picked up the tick yesterday playing in the yard–she was wearing a long dress so it must have crawled a long way to get to her belly.

Conor went in to work for a while, since he took yesterday off to watch Mary while I was at the hospital–not planned. Mary was a bit alarmed when he left–clearly, her world has fallen apart because a) they didn’t go get me according to schedule yesterday (which usually happens when I leave) and now b) Conor left at a weird time. She was so perturbed she ALMOST couldn’t eat her rice.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by liz on March 16, 2008 at 5:57 pm

    ewwwwwwwwwww re: the tick.

    re: the cervix, that is weird. i learn more and more things about pregnancy all the time.

    on a hopefully unrelated note, can i just tell you that like 5 people i know have had miscarriages in the past year. apparently this happens all the time! i had no idea. not that i am suggesting you will have a miscarriage. it’s just that the more i learn about pregnancy, the less appealing it sounds.

    note to the universe: if you want me to have babies, you should make pregnancy seem fun.


  2. Posted by Nina on March 20, 2008 at 7:02 am

    I had a tick on my eye once–not the lid, the actual eye surface. I remember standing in the bathroom off of my parents’ bedroom, holding more still than I ever had in my life, while my mom approached with tweezers.


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