a few short clips

So, Mary is still sick (aughhh) but she feels okay most of the time. We keep thinking she’s recovered and then it turns out that she isn’t. But here are some highlights from yesterday.

Swinging at the park:

She has picked up on the fact that the Kleenex box holds tissues, and that they’re supposed to be used to rub one’s nose (although she has not yet acknowledged that there is a REASON for the nose-rubbing). Conor tried to capture it on video and instead he got this clip of her using the Kleenex box as a percussion instrument:

But finally he got the nose-rubbing video (I love her “wait! I need a Kleenex!” face):

We tried to point out that it is not proper etiquette to replace the used Kleenex in the box, but so far she doesn’t acknowledge that, either.


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