Mary is just getting over some sort of stomach bug. She’s never been sick like that before and it was miserable for everyone. She is better this morning after spending Tuesday night on the dining room floor (Conor took yesterday off and stayed up with her; I slept for a few hours and went to teach, undoubtedly spreading all germs to my students, but what can you do?). I had the same thing but so far Conor seems healthy enough. Anyway, all I can say is that I would be perfectly happy never to have that happen again. I’m now disinfecting/cleaning/laundering everything.

On the other hand, it could have been worse–we lost power last night because of weather. What would be worse than a sick kid? That’s right, a sick kid and no electricity.

I’m going to take her upstairs and give her a bath and hope that commencing the laundry/bathing/cleaning routine doesn’t jinx her progress. She seems a lot better today. I might even put some clothes on her (for a while it was just futile).


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